Gaydio 71

Antony Angell Gaydio 71 Mixdown

souldynamic – 99 & half (organ dub)

jamie lewis – its over (vocal dub)

yass – he reigns (main)

rightside – come back to me (davee doyle)

dave mayer – thinking of you (vocal)

dj sneak – going get got (original)

dj sneak – jam hot (original)

dj sneak – jaqc da bass (original)

audio jacker – the pleasure (original)

gino woody bianchi – im ready (affected djs)

dj mes – debbie does disco (drummers beat)

dirty feak – someboDy else (vocal)


Gaydio 46

Antony Angell Gaydio 46 Mixdown


changing planes – feel it (original)

soultion – fells so good (carl hanaghan & dan van bootleg)

changing planes – nobody (original)

carl hanaghan ft roz brown – the otherside (original)

circle of funk (wipe the needle)

cvo – summer of love (original)

joiodj ft jenny cruz – you got me (old school vocal)

yoyohoney – one desire (dave doyle main)

pray for more – brand new day2014 (mjuzieek)

pray for more – reach up higher (mjuzieek)

j paul getto – freinds with benefits (original)